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This is a great place to live, work and play, we'll highlight some of what is offered right here! Current events, interesting individuals, random historical facts and anything local.

City council opens the door for new Taylorsville townhouse development

Dozens of new “high-end” townhouses are coming after the Taylorsville City Council approves a zoning change.

Heavier snowfall causing headaches for Taylorsville drivers and snowplow crews

City officials are considering more aggressive ticketing for people who don’t shovel their sidewalks or park curbside longer than 24 hours, because of the heavy snowfall this winter.

Head Over Heels

"If I’d married an unfeeling psychopath that wouldn’t be a problem, but my husband could be the spokesperson for the Hallmark channel."

A New Way to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

"We would carefully tear along the dotted lines, so as not to rip them, then stuff each envelope with pink and yellow hearts, that when combined, made a secret message? Then we would run around the neighborhood leaving our creations on the doorsteps of our friends and those we had a childhood crush on."

New UFA chief ready for ‘less drama,’ ‘more action’

Unified Fire Authority’s new chief explains his hopes for Utah’s largest fire agency.

CPR for the mind: SLCo offers mental health first aid

With high suicide rates in Utah, Mental Health First Aid classes provide training to help early prevention.

Residents invited to celebrate with Santa Mayor

The Historic Preservation Committee and Mayor Larry Johnson get ready for the city’s annual Saturday with Santa event.

Taylorsville Eagle Scouts beautify community

Two Taylorsville teens worked to beautify the local community as part of their Eagle Scout projects.

O Tidings of Comfort Annoy

Life & Laughter - Now that Facebook has become a year-round newsletter, packed with enough posts to make us feel miserable all year long, can we finally call it quits on those dreadful holiday letters?

The Holidays: Time to Start Giving Back…. Or, is it?

Coupons 4 Utah - Pay it Forward, Serve, Give Back, Random Act of Kindness, no matter how you spell it, it’s that time of year where we are all thinking about giving.


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